At the Institute of Advanced Christian Research, our mission is to facilitate an enriching scholarly journey in Christian exploration. We are dedicated to deepening research skills, broadening understanding, aligning science with faith, and fostering the production of original, significant contributions to the field.


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Releases June 15, 2024

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The Genesis Habitation Zone dares to reframe the biblical narrative of Genesis, revealing it as a cosmic epic rooted in the heart of our galactic neighborhood. Drawing upon the stunning 2022 revelation by Harvard astrophysicists, this book aligns faith and science such that they coalesce God’s creation with mankind’s scientific curiosity, unveiling a story of creation that resonates with the rhythm of the stars themselves. Venture into a narrative that bridges divine wisdom with the cosmic dance of creation, suggesting a cosmos more intricately connected and beautifully orchestrated than we ever dared to imagine.


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Released October 9, 2023

This new book offers a groundbreaking re-examination of historical architecture and urban landscapes, challenging conventional wisdom through rigorous academic scrutiny. Utilizing multidisciplinary insights, this book unravels hidden complexities in history, providing a compelling read for anyone intrigued by the untold stories behind our built environment. Impeccably researched, it serves as an essential guide for questioning and understanding the narratives that have shaped our world.



Our vision at the Institute of Advanced Christian Research is to be a pioneering academic institution that offers a unique platform for rigorous intellectual exploration in Christian Studies. We aspire to transform students into valuable contributors to the academic community, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and experience to influence and advance Christian thought. Our aim is to foster a thriving academic community that values and promotes critical thinking, scholarly contribution, and a profound exploration of Christian thought. As we progress, we remain steadfast in our core values and objectives, constantly striving to create a stimulating, nurturing, and academically rigorous environment. We extend an invitation to all those who wish to join us in this exciting, rewarding journey.

Rigorous Scholarship

At the Institute of Advanced Christian Research (IACR), academic excellence forms the cornerstone of our unique educational experience. Our academic journey, from the Bachelor's Completion Program to the PhD level, is steeped in research and critical analysis. This approach is designed to broaden students' understanding of Christian Studies and bolster their ability to contribute original, scholarly work.

Personal Transformation

Each student's journey at IACR is a transformative exploration of academic rigor and personal growth. We provide an enriching environment where students deepen their knowledge, refine their research skills, and develop as independent Christian scholars. We focus on measuring the value of our education by the intellectual growth our students experience and the scholarly abilities they acquire.

Enriching the Academic Landscape

Adhering to the European model of research-based inquiry, we facilitate an environment where students can create original research contributions. These contributions not only uphold Christian values but also enhance peer-reviewed academic literature. Our graduates, equipped with these rigorous academic skills, become influential voices within the field of Christian Studies.